Education in Australia

MAP-AUSTRALIAThe Australian education system offers students an outstanding learning experience for a relatively affordable price. Due to Australia’s superb educational system, hundreds of thousands of international students are drawn to study in Australia every year. Only the United States and the United Kingdom have more English-speaking international students, but niether the United States nor the United Kingdom offers an average tuition that is as affordable as that of Australia. Now, with the steady increase of high quality on line learning opportunities, students in Australia have a plethora of cost-effective alternatives to formal classroom based learning.

The educational journey in Australia begins in a compulsory fashion, with the school year beginning in late January and coming to a close in December. With the exception of a few state-specific instances, school attendance is mandatory for all children between the ages of five and fifteen years old. Public school is provided by the Australian Government and is free to primary and secondary school students. Private education is also provided by churches and individual groups. Funding and regulatory procedures for public schools are established by each individual state. The Australian school system is oustanding and has been ranked among the top ten systems in the world by The Programme for International Assessment and the UN’s Education Index.

Admission to a college or University in Australia requires twelve years total of primary and secondary schooling. Students can choose from a plethora of of higher education programs offered by Australian Universities, Vocational Education and Training Colleges, and TAFEs. All educational institutions must be government registered and abide by rigorous educational requirements. These measures are designed to ensure that the Australian educational system remains among the best in the world.

With the inception of on line education, higher learning in Australia has expanded its scope to provide learning opportunities for students who prefer to complete their education from the comfort of their homes or other choice environment. On line courses offer an excellent opportunity to students who are unable to attend college classes due to constraints related to geography, health, or timing. Educational links to on line learning are offered by Jones International University and Australian Catholic University, which are two accredited institutions that offer students the opportunity to participate in an on line learning program.

The advantages to learning on line are numerous and varied. Many Australian on line educational programs offer 24 hour support to students and provide an interactive learning environment whereby students can communicate live with instructors and other on line students. On line learning classes are also less expensive than traditional onsite university classes, and they help students save time, gasoline, and energy because students are not required to physically travel to attend a class. In sum, on line education in Australia has opened the door for students who are searching for an affordable way to attain a high quality college education.